BlackBerry Roadmap

Just a few days before we get to see what's in store for BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry World 2012, some more rumors have started floating around about release dates. Some reports are stating that we could see devices in October which would be great, but we're not totally sure just yet. We know the devices will be coming later in 2012, and sometime in the last quarter has basically been the official word. Looking that far ahead, October sounds good, but you know how RIM has been in the past - times can change. An official announcement could come along at any point (we'd love to get a date/expectation at BlackBerry World next week) and as with other RIM devices, it could be just days before an actual release.

Hopefully we'll find out some juicy details or a better timeline next week at BlackBerry World, but for now it's still up in the air as to just when the first BB10 device will actually be available. Hit up the comments with your thoughts and let us know when you think we'll see BlackBerry 10 hit the streets.

Image Credit: BGR