Though we've fallen out of habit lately with all his traveling, Kevin and I used to make it a point to have a morning call before we started the work day. He'd typically call me up on his way to the office and we'd chat a bit about everything that was going on.

Before BlackBerry 10 it was always just an old-school phone to phone call, but now that we have BBM Voice, it's the call method of choice. So while we were chatting today we thought it would be cool to see just how many BlackBerry 10 owners are using BBM Voice and/or BBM Video.

I use BBM Voice a good amount to chat with other editors and also fire up BBM Video most days to chat with my wife while she's at work. BBM has truly become an awesome tool and having both voice and video features built-in make it even that much better.

So our question today goes out to all the BlackBerry 10 owners. Are you using BBM Voice and/or BBM Video on your Z10, Q10 or Q5?

Pick the answer below that best fits what you use, then hit up the comments and discuss!