As we move toward January 30th, there are still plenty of hidden gems in the BlackBerry 10 OS that we have yet to see. RIM is doing a great job at keeping many of the features a secret and dropping only what they want us to see leading up to the launch. One of those features is part of the awesome BB10 predictive keyboard called space inference. Vivek Bhardwaj took some time with Inside BlackBerry to show a quick demo of the feature.

As another feature of the predicitive capabilities on the BB10 keyboard, space inference will recognize when you're typing rapidly and miss hitting the space key. It knows where you intended to enter a space -- be it on one or more words -- so if you are running out the door and accidentally type "onmyway", the BlackBerry 10 keyboard will correct it to "on my way" without a hitch. This just adds to the great ability of insanely rapid typing on BB10. You can crank away using the word preditiction and not even have to worry about missing the spacebar. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Check out the video above for more then hit the comments with your thoughts.