BlackBerry 10 Jam

BlackBerry 10 Jam and BlackBerry World 2012 are now over and it has been quite an event with lots of exiting things to look forward in the coming months. For developers, the event brought about a lot of good vibes and a BlackBerry 10 Alpha device to boot. As a novice developer it would be have been great to be able to have attended BlackBerry 10 Jam but for other developers like myself who weren't able to get to Orlando for the event, RIM had said that they would take the BlackBerry 10 Jam on tour to reach more developers.

The BlackBerry 10 Jam tour is more of a condensed version of what was seen in Orlando but it will give developers a taste of what went on and give them a chance to connect with BlackBerry development experts.

Here's a few things that you can see on the BlackBerry 10 Jam Road Show:

  • Get a snapshot of the new things you can do with the BlackBerry 10 development platform. Learn about the unique capabilities of BlackBerry 10 to set your application apart.
  • Collaborate with your community. Learn, share and network with your peers. Make valuable connections that will make you even more successful with BlackBerry.
  • One-on-one expert guidance. Jam with BlackBerry platform experts and build a better app.

RIM have also confimed the Road Show locations:

North America

  • June – Austin, Texas
  • June – New York City, New York
  • June – Montreal, Quebec
  • June – Toronto, Ontario
  • June – Atlanta, Georgia


  • May – Milan, Italy
  • May – Barcelona, Spain
  • June – Paris, France
  • June – London, UK
  • June – Moscow, Russia
  • June – Berlin, Germany
  • July – Warsaw, Poland

Asia Pacific

  • July – Bangalore, India
  • July – Delhi, India
  • July – Beijing, China
  • July – Singapore, Singapore
  • July – Jakarta, Indonesia
  • July – Sydney, Australia

Latin America

  • August – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • August – Mexico City, Mexico

Actual dates and locations will be confirmed by RIM in the coming weeks, as well as registration information. We'll keep you updated on those details when they come out.

Source: Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog

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