The calm before the storm. Well, sort of. Richard and I are in Amsterdam for BlackBerry 10 Jam Europe so here's a little taster of what's to come. Tomorrow morning kicks off with the keynote where hopefully we will get some interesting news. Yes, I know the last week has been hectic enough already but we need some good stuff for the developers that have travelled from far and wide to be here in Amsterdam.

With BlackBerry 10 now unveiled and the BlackBerry Z10 getting into customers hands, there is a real hype here within the developer community. Sure, the devs on Team BlackBerry have always had a tonne of love for the platform but with the launch of the new OS there really is a sense of excitement and passion from them. See how happy the nice lady is in the video - a perfect example of the feeling here right now.

See you in the morning for the keynote that we will be live blogging. 10:30am local time in Amsterdam (4:30am EST).