BlackBerry 10 Experience

Although we caught glimpses of the BlackBerry 10 homescreen during the general session keynote, the BlackBerry 10 Jam keynote was where RIM hid all of the good stuff. While demoing various other apps, Chris Smith took the stage to also show off the BlackBerry 10 homescreen (looking much like the previously leaked images) along with elements of Cascades to better help vocalize what the BlackBerry 10 experience will be like.

To sum it up in one word for myself and you all at home, I'm stuck on impressive and that's not a word I've related to many RIM demos of the past. The animations and fluidity of it all will make for great comparisons to the various other operating systems out there when the time comes and realistically, seeing this stuff in action has me pretty fired up for more. For now though, you'll find some more shots below.


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