As we inch closer and closer to the BlackBerry 10 launch event this month, we're all getting anxious to just have the devices already. While RIM isn't full force with a booth at CES this year, there are plenty of heads on the ground spreading the word of BlackBerry 10. There are still plenty of features of the OS that we haven't yet seen and RIM is doing a good job of keeping some secrets under wraps until launch day. Jeff Gadway, Senior Manager of BlackBerry Product Marketing, took some time yesterday to show off the OS on video once again.

In a quick demo with Forbes, he explores much of what we've already seen including the BlackBerry HubPeek and Flow and keyboard which he says is meant to "deliver the best typing experience on glass". As we've heard before, the keyboard has heat-mapping which will learn over time where you most commonly hit keys in error and adjust accordingly to increase accuracy.

Check out the full video above to see all of these features in action and rest assured we'll have plenty more from BlackBerry at CES on the way!