Thursday night BlackBerry took to New York City to celebrate the US launch of the BlackBerry Z10. Before heading off to Best Buy at midnight, we got a chance to take in the festivities first hand and we have to say they did not disappoint.

The BlackBerry Experience took place at the Best Buy Theater in TImes Square. As soon as the event start, hungry BlackBerry fans filled up the entire venue. There was plenty of great BlackBerry chat, hands-on demos, photo ops, live entertainment and loads of of food and drink. It was honestly hard to know where to go at times since there was so much going on -- and as far as BlackBerry parties go this was definitely one of the tops to date.

After everyone was inside, Thorsten Heins took the stage for a quick pep talk - while telling everyone how excited he was for the US launch, he coined our new favorite BlackBerry phrase (slightly passing let's rock and roll this) when he said "Get out there and sell like hell!".  With the crowd pumped up and ready to go - Janelle Monae took the stage to get things started.

Janelle Monae rocked! I had personally never seen her live before, but I was totally sucked in as soon as she came out. She started out with some Jackson 5 and instantly won the crowd over. She jammed out for quite a while and the fans loved every minute. Her performance was amazing and definitely set the mood for the rest of the night. 

After a bit of a break so everyone could grab a fresh drink and some hanging pizza (yes, hanging pizza) rockers Young The Giant took over the stage and kept things going. 

Young The Giant

Just when we thought the festivites were winding down, DJ ZTrip pulled up on stage and cranked it up to eleven - hyping the late-night crowd as he soon brought out Questlove from the Roots. Questlove did his thing on the drums as the crowd danced it up and turned their late-night on. As they finished their last jam, DJ ZTrip pulled one out of his hat and surprise guest Ludacris slid on stage. 

What can we say? More rocking, more jamming, MOAR AWESOME. Bla1ze totally lost it at this point - he loves Luda. 

More Luda!!!

Not soon after Luda exited stage left, we rushed into some cabs and made our way to Union Square to see all the eager midnight BlackBerry Z10 buyers.

All in all it was a pretty amazing night. I can't really remember a BlackBerry event like this was went on for nearly five hours with such a great lineup of artists. It was most definitely a great way to kick off the launch of the Z10 here in the US and I'd do it all over again any day of the week.