Dev Alpha eBay

In years past we've seen pre-release devices show up on eBay weeks before an official launch. Some of them may or may not have shown up at a certain BlackBerry lover's doorstep - but that's old news. While I've been anxiously searching auction sites for an early BlackBerry 10 device (there are none to be found so don't bother) it turns out that there are a few BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units available -- if you have the funds. 

While it's not really a good practice to sell a device labeled Not for Sale (and we definitely don't condone it), it doesn't seem to stop some people. There were recently not one, but two Dev Alphas that sold on eBay for $900 and $999. Now I'm all for getting my hands on the latest and greatest, but coughing up nearly $1000 for a developer unit seems like a bit much, no?. Especially since there is less than a month until the BlackBerry 10 launch event

It doesn't look like there are any other devices currently up for auction, so if you're looking to go hands-on with BlackBerry 10 you'll just have to wait for the real thing.