BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device displaying "device program has ended" error?

If you have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, chances are you're seeing the above message on your device. You see, the devices appear to have an internal self destruct timer in place. No matter, just go ahead and reboot a few times, it'll stop and surely RIM will fix it in the next update.

Presumably, the reason for this is that RIM originally intended to be shipping BlackBerry 10 devices in October with developers by now (Sept. 1st) having swapped their Dev Alpha for limited edition version. Since BlackBerry 10 was delayed until Q1 2013, the assumed timer on the devices was never reset.

It's a long weekend, so I'm sure we'll not hear anything from RIM about it until a later time but it's an easy fix -- just slightly annoying if you were planning on working on an app over the weekend.

Thanks, Rezn!