Over the past few months now, we've seen RIM give off some pre-set demos of BlackBerry 10 but now a new video showing off what we've previously seen leaked in still images has popped up. In it, you can get a look at switching applications and gesture swiping to reveal your full app screen. You also get a good look at the clock app, which has appeared several times as well. Sadly, like all the other stuff out there, nothing here is final nor is it noted which version of BlackBerry 10 is running on the device so you'll have to take it as-is for now.

Also consider the video shows as being dated for June (Juni), yet is only appearing now in September. Something tells me someone sat on this until it was possibly no longer really relevant and therefore, may not matter all that much if people see it now. That said; we're getting closer and closer to BlackBerry Jam Americas where it is expected RIM will show off plenty more and provide some further details into BlackBerry 10.

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Source: MacBerry; Thanks, jamezalexander!