BlackBerry 10 Cases

Until now we've been all about the BlackBerry 10 hardware and software but haven't seen much related to accessories. Today a leaked slide has surfaced that shows off some of the BlackBerry 10 cases we might expect for the upcoming devices. The list includes various BlackBerry Z10 accessories including the Transform Shell, BB10 Flip Shell, Holster and BB10 Leather Pocket. Also on the list are the BB10 LS-1 Battery, BB10 Battery Charging Bundle and BB10 Multimedia Dock. 

Unfortunately there are no images of said accessories, but it's still nice to see a good list of cases for BlackBerry 10 that we can expect at or shortly after the January launch event. The Transform Shell, most likely just a new back cover, and the Flip Shell come in various colors including white, red and black.

The BlackBerry 10 Multimedia Dock will be a charging dock similar to that of the Storm and Torch where the device is set in landscape mode and connected via USB.  

The BlackBerry 10 Battery Charging Bundle will hopefully be an external charger bundled with an extra LS-1 battery. 

I'm ready to grab each and every one of these to try out ... right now! What accessories are you most looking forward to for BlackBerry 10? Cases? Holster? Multimedia Dock? Let us know in the comments!

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