While we still have plenty of content to come from BlackBerry Live 2013, we're breaking things down and getting ready to head back home. We've had plenty of great chats and interviews with a slew of developers and BlackBerry fans, and while we certainly didn't get to talk to everyone, we did get lucky that Ritesh swung by the CrackBerry Live stage before we left. Even though we had it mostly dismantled we fired up the camera for one last video.

If you remember waaaay back in 2009 we got the first look at the InPulse Smartwatch and it's BlackBerry integration. The watch has been through a lot since then and most recently was released in a totally new version dubbed the Pebble Smartwatch.

Today, Ritesh showed off some pretty cool BlackBerry 10 action which involves the Pebble smartwatch. While the Pebble isn't working with BB10 off the bat, Ritesh hopes to have a completed app soon that will allow for email, SMS and music playback and more from a BlackBerry 10 device. It's not totally full-featured (for instance it doesn't support any time functions) but it's still pretty awesome as it is.

Check out the video above for more and hit up the comments with your thoughts!