BlackBerry Z10 print ad

Now that the BlackBerry 10 advertising train has left the station, we're seeing the Z10 pop up all over the place. The London Evening Standard had a huge spread featuring our beloved new device, plus YouTube videos are now starting to show off the software features in pre-roll ads. Of course, this all kicked off with the coy Super Bowl ad, which was followed up with a few other TV spots.

Print and YouTube advertising is absolutely essential in getting the message out to everyday people outside of the hardcore tech scene that, hey, there's a new BlackBerry out and it's not what you remember. There are also some more imaginative campaigns going on, like the Keep Moving van tour and celebrity collaborations, which I think hold a ton of promise for those of us looking for something different. 

For me, the real rubrick for the effectiveness of these ads are when I get questions about the Z10 independently from friends that aren't normally into this stuff. If your mom is asking you unprompted "How's that new BlackBerry?", you know that BlackBerry's marketing machine is working.

Thanks Dave!