If you're buying an Echo this holiday shopping season, you probably already know that Black Friday is the time to do it, but this helpful tip can make the discounted buying experience even better. Amazon recently released its own smart plug, and right now when you combine it with any Echo hardware purchase, you can get it for just $5. That's right, the brand new plug that normally costs $25 on its own can be yours for just $5 when you add it to your purchase of an Echo device.

The most affordable bundle that you can grab is the second-gen Echo Dot with the smart plug for just $24.99, the same price as the plug on its own. For just $4 more, you can opt for the 3rd-gen Echo Dot with smart plug, which is a bundle that's nearly impossible to beat. On an average day, this same kit would cost you $75, meaning that you save $46 on it right now.

If you want something with a larger speaker, the 2nd-gen Echo is the way to go, and when you combo it with the smart plug your total is just $74, which is a savings of $51. The Echo Plus is part Echo, part smart home hub, and with the smart plug you can grab the kit for just $114.99, a $60 savings. There's also another bundle with the Echo Plus that offers a free smart bulb.

Additionally, opt for one of Amazon's screened Echo devices, like the Echo Spot. It has two killer bundles to decide between, and it's really not an easy decision here. First up is the Echo Spot with Amazon smart plug for $94.99, which is a $60 savings. Amazon is also offering an Echo Spot with Wyze smart cam bundle for the same cost, so you'll have to decide whether the smart plug or security camera is more valuable to your usage. With the larger Echo Show, Amazon only has the $5 Wyze camera bundle available at the $184.99 price.

There's no wrong Echo device to pick here, but be sure to pick the bundle that shows it comes with the $5 smart plug. You may not think you need a smart plug, but trust me, they are useful and once you use one, you'll want more. We know you've spent $5 on crazier things, so give this a shot and see what all this smart home hype is about today!

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