Bix on the PlayBook
The folks over at Padadaz need to come up with a 12-Step rehab for those of us who have become addicted to this game. Bix sounded like a simple game that would help me waste a few minutes here and there. Truth be told, it is a simple game but as you level up it becomes increasingly more difficult. The object of the game is to use your tracer, a little white ball, to create different shapes on your screen. When you close a shape, you gain control of it. The bigger the shape, the more points you get. When you control 75% of the game surface, you advance to the next level. To make the game challenging there are bouncing balls that you must avoid touching or the game is over. You can capture special balls to unleash special powers.

While the game is simple, it brings back that old school feel of Atari arcade games and reminds me of playing around with an Etch-A-Sketch. Bix is available for pretty much every device and the BlackBerry PlayBook. For a limited time, the PlayBook version is FREE! There is also a Bix Free version for your BlackBerry (available via App World) that you can test out before purchasing the full version but, which will give you just 6 levels to play with.

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