BitTorque - A native BlackBerry 10 torrent downloader, rises from the dead

UPDATE - BitTorque development revived, v1.3.0 now available for download

BitTorque, the native BlackBerry 10 torrent downloader hasn't been available since February 2013, but thanks to some work put in by xsacha the app has now arisen from the dead. The app appeared on BlackBerry World but was quickly removed, thought to be never seen again. The developers tried to get BlackBerry to reapprove the app but their attempts seemingly failed and they gave up trying.

Now though, you can download the full app, based on the open source Transmission software that downloads torrents directly onto your device, in all its original glory with all the features as they were when it was pulled. Surprisingly, it even looks (and works) great on the BlackBerry Passport, a device not even available at that time.


  • Several network modes including WiFi-only
  • Simultaneous torrent downloading
  • Web Browser and File Manager integration
  • Magnet link support
  • Sharing of torrents
  • Upload and Download speed limits
  • Tracker-less torrent (DHT) support
  • UPnP and NAT-PMP support
  • Encryption support
  • Local Peer Discovery support

There is a bit of a catch though. One that I'm sure most CrackBerry users shouldn't have a problem with but need to be aware of anyway. The file is only via a .BAR, so it needs to be installed using an app such as the Sachesi for the desktop. There's several versions of BitTorque available, v1.1.9 being the original and a few others, seemingly the updated versions were produced in an attempt to get it reapproved for BlackBerry World. At this time, the differences between the versions aren't known but I've tested v1.1.9 and it works as intended. You can grab the files using the link below.

Download BitTorque for BlackBerry 10

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