Growing up, the game consoles in my house were not that sophisticated, at least compared to the ones released in recent years. However, that didn't stop me or anyone else in my generation from spending hours in front of the TV with their Colecovision or Atari systems. Browsing through BlackBerry World I came across Biterator and those simple 8-bit graphics was just what I needed.

Reminiscent of the classic arcade game Space Invaders, your mission is to blast waves of enemy aliens by using only your canon and three spare lives. 


  • 15 levels, 10 deadly enemy waves each! 
  • 3 difficulty settings for both novice and hardcore gamers! 
  • 12 unique enemy species with unique strategies!
  • Epic and intense BOSS battles! 
  • Retro graphics! 
  • Amazing retro sound fx!
  • Game pad support for best arcade action!

Are the graphics simple? Yes. Does it remind you of all the fun you had as a kid? Of course! Retro games are awesome and there is no doubting it. Guess I'm showing my age but I do enjoy this game and it is quick, responsive, and addictive. 

At the time of this post Biterator is free to download for a limited time for BlackBerry 10. What are you waiting for? Nothing wrong with some old school fun.

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