Biston - Premium theme from Hedone Design

Having been using the BlackBerry Pearl 3G for the past little while, I was starting to miss the big screen my BlackBerry Bold 9700 offered so I switched back for a little while yesterday. One email I got while using my Pearl 3G was from Hedone Design letting me know of his latest theme Biston. Given that I couldn't use it on the Pearl 3G I decided upon switching back to check it out and was quite pleased.

Biston is a animated theme which is both fast and sharp looking. It offers you 9 customizable main screen icons with an integrated today feature. Custom battery and signal meters are easy to read andare organized nicely for optimal space leaving a big background for you to view. Some themes often lock down font size changes but Biston leaves them user selectable. Biston is available for Curve 85xx, 89xx as well as Bold, Storm and Tour series devices.