BIS 2.6 Rollout Nearing!
There has been a lot of talk as of late regarding BIS 2.6 and all the new features (or lack there of) Kevin and Craig mentioned it in the most recent CrackBerry podcast and actually touched on some of the finer points of what exactly BIS 2.6 will bring to consumers. It's far from what I would consider a major upgrade as most of the stuff that will be implemented many people may not even notice. 

That's not to say it's not a good update, any update is better then NO update, just that it's not as impacting as what BIS 2.5 was as it opened up a lot of doors in regards to how BlackBerry email functions and looks to the end user, when combined with OS 4.5+ it was a refreshing thing to see. With AT&T and RIM getting ready to flip the switch on their BIS 2.6 release on March 21st (pending delays) we thought we'd give you all the jist of what's gonna be coming in the way of changes.

This is information provided by RIM as to what changes have been implemented with the upgrade, their are some nice changes in here such as better Gmail integration, but again nothing earth shattering, just some nice subtle changes.

Display of password characters

BlackBerry smartphone users have the option to display password characters when configuring email addresses with the BlackBerry Internet Service. This feature makes it easier for BlackBerry smartphone users to integrate third-party email addresses, especially when using a BlackBerry smartphone with the SureType® input method. For more information, see KB17411.

Improved descriptive support and error messages
BlackBerry smartphone users that have integrated a third-party email account using Post Office Protocol (POP) receive a personal indentification number (PIN) message that includes instructions on how to leave email messages on the messaging server for successful delivery to the BlackBerry smartphone. For more information, see KB17404.

Option to change signatures from the BlackBerry smartphone

BlackBerry smartphone users that use Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) automatic login can change the signatures for email messages using the BlackBerry smartphone. For more information, see KB17414 

Improved language support

Dutch is now an available language for the BlackBerry Internet Service 2.6. For a list of all supported languages, see KB12859.

Gmail integration using IMAP

BlackBerry Internet Service 2.6 uses Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) to integrate Gmail® webmail accounts. This integration protocol introduces the following benefits:
    • Elimination of sent email messages appearing as received email messages in the message list on the BlackBerry smartphone
    • One-way synchronization of read status, sent items, and deleted items
To use these improvements, BlackBerry smartphone users must remove and reintegrate their Gmail webmail accounts. For more information, see KB17407.

There ya have it folks, there are are some other things predicted for BIS 2.6 as Ronen over at BerryReview has pointed out. But at this time no information has come forward in regards to that post, so we're not gonna claim that as fact. With that said though, the above mentioned things are indeed a fact and we should start seeing them roll out anyday now.

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