** READ THIS UPDATE: OK FOLKS.... Sad News Here.  Because EVERYONE has been trying to download their free copy of iBee Farting all at the same time, it has basically leveled the app store servers. Bitter sweet. So here's what were doing... we are suspending the Give Away for right now (a couple thousand of you did manage to get free copies in the meantime) and we're going to continue this giveaway in the next few days...  and of course, to make up for the frustrations, we'll be upping it to 10,000 FREE Copies!! Thanks iBee Mobile! Be sure to stay tuned to CrackBerry.com so you don't miss out. THANK YOU for the patience! *

5,000 Free Copies of iBee Farting!

Update: YIKES... it seems everybody trying to grab the free app at once is slowing up Mobihand's App Store servers (load at 100%). Thanks for the patience. *

YUP, we're going there! In celebration of CrackBerry turning two years old, the folks at iBeeMobile are hooking up CrackBerry Nation with a Giveaway and Sale. You're going to want to hurry to get your iBee Farting app on!!

5,000 Free Copies of iBee Farting: On your BlackBerry's web browser, head to CrackBerryAppStore.com and use coupon code CRACKBERRYFARTS to receive a 100% off discount on the app.  HURRY. It's first come first serve. Once 5,000 coupon codes are used the deal is done! Let us know in the comments if you got one or yet. (Please note the coupon will only work in the mobile app store visited from your device and not in our website store).

50% Off iBee Farting: In case you are reading this and are too late to make the 100% off giveaway, you can use coupon code CBFARTDISC to save 50%. This coupon expires this Sunday at midnight PST.

iBee Farting is available for the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold, and BlackBerry Curve 8900. Keep in mind that Storm owners running an OS older than may not hear sounds correctly due to a known OS bug (see our original iBee Farting blog post) but don't worry, once you own it upgrades are free for life!

For a quick walk through on using coupon codes in the mobile app store, you can check out this tutorial. Be sure to drop a note in the comments and let us know you got one. Enjoy your fart app!!