Free Hedone Designs CB 2.0 Theme!

Another FREEBIE!! And this one is good for all the BlackBerry Storm, Curve 8900 and Bold users out there... an ultra-sweet CrackBerry theme!

Last year for our first birthday John from JC Designs gave us the ultra-popular BlackBerry User & Abuser themes as a gift, and when we reached the 200,000 member milestone our pal the Zman put together the super-fun CorkBerry theme (still one of my all time favorites!). Now for our 2.0 birthday, it's newcomer to the theme game Hedone Designs giving back to CrackBerry Nation with the HD CB 2.0 theme! HUGE thanks go out to Hedone for putting this theme together for us. If you like it, be sure to drop a word of thanks in the comments and check out his other theme creations.

HD CB 2.0 - Bold / Curve 8900: This theme is slick! The bottom dock features ten scrolling icons (user can get positions) with the eleventh shortcut becoming the CB logo at the top of the homescreen! Hedone built in web link shortcuts to both and I have the CrackBerry Mobile site set to my eleventh icon so a quick scroll up and click takes me to the CrackBerry Mobile homepage. Sweet!

HD CB 2.0 - Storm: Definitely a theme that all of our hardcore Storm owner/forum members are going to love! It's clean, the icons are sharp, and tapping the CB logo launches the first shortcut in the mix. Definitely a theme for every CrackBerry Addict out there! 

DOWNLOAD the HD CB 2.0 Themes for FREE: