I think I may have just found my new favorite game on BlackBerry 10. Biplanes Blasta is just the sort of game I love to play. There are actually three games within the game which is always a bonus. These are:

  • Balloons: keep cool and pop some balloons at your own pace.
  • Race: Push your limits by racing through gates close to the ground.
  • DogFight: Action starts here, against your friends (local network)

There are a couple of ways to control your plane - I prefer using the tilt controls but if you jump into the settings you can easily switch to a virtual on-screen joypad if you prefer. The only other controls you need to worry about are your weapons and this tab can be found on the right of the screen.

So, in Balloon and Dogfight mode you will need to use your machine guns to destroy the balloons or your opponent. As you destroy things or do well in a race you will earn coins which you can use to upgrade your guns - good stuff.

The game is colorful, fluid and has some great sound effects. With the added bonus of three different scenes in each game there are hours of great game play to be had. Plus - all this for less than a dollar!

More information/Download Biplanes Blasta for BlackBerry 10