Billy's Hill for BlackBerry 10 is a great little game and although It may not be one of my favorites my daughter loves playing it - when I occasionally part with my Z10. The idea of the game is to move Billy around the sky in his balloon and collect fireflies. Once you have some following you, you can then deposit them in a tree where they will generate fruit. And why fruit you may ask - that's what the monster likes to eat and you don't want to upset him.

If your fireflies grow enough fruit it will keep the monster happy - failing to do so will make him eat the village on the screen which can't be great for anyone living there!

Controlling Billy is just done with simple screen swipes to send him in the direction you want and it all works perfectly. It may not be the most exciting game we have seen for BlackBerry 10 but it's still really good - or we wouldn't be featuring it here.

Billy's Hill is free to download from BlackBerry World so go and give it a try. I think you will agree with me that it's kind of fun and just a wee bit addictive.

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