You certainly don't have to be a motorcycle fan to enjoy Biker Boy HD. The BlackBerry 10 game is a little different to similar games in the fact that the levels are split into two varieties - 2D & 3D. The 2D ones are not nearly as good graphically as the 3D but it's quite nice to have the two different styles rolled into one. 

There are five controls you'll need to get acquainted with. I say this as they are a little small and I'm hoping that the icons get a bit of a facelift in any future updates. Over on the bottom left of the display are your gas and brake tabs and then on the right is a jump icon above two arrows to tilt the bike forwards and back. It does take a bit of getting used to but it's worth it in the end as the game is a bunch of fun. 

The graphics in the 3D levels are pretty amazing. The background environment changes with the levels - which mixes things up a bit. It's just a case of getting to the end of each level and scoring points. This is done by performing back or front flips - and once again you'll need to practice your landings as it is a bit tricky to start with. 

The game is available on the Android platform too which may explain the small control tabs. This one may be a little easier to play on a screen that's bigger than the Z10. Roll on the Z30 in that case! So no Q10 or Q5 love for this one and to be honest I don't think the game is suited for those devices. 

Features of the game include: 

  • Ability to adjust Camera Angles and Zoom In/out 
  • Interchanging 2.5D/3D levels  
  • 18 trails/courses of intense excitement and gameplay - easy to use and master controls, intuitive interface design  
  • Gorgeous graphics and effects optimized for your latest and your older devices! We have tested on most platforms, with great success and fluidity!  
  • Ability to choose many levels, and continue where left off  
  • Realistic Physics, and intuitive gameplay!

Biker Boy HD is priced at £1.50/$1.99 which is a little more than it is on Android. Maybe the dev will give us a discount soon so we can feature it in our app bargains of the week. 

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