If you're looking for a quick way to manage your incoming calls on your Storm, FaceOff may be worth checking out. The new app from BigTinCan lets you easily silence your device by turning it "face off". You can set multiple options in the app, all of which override the default profiles on your device. If you're in a meeting, out to dinner or just don't want to be bothered, activate FaceOff and you won't have to worry about incoming calls. Want a few special numbers to get through no matter what? Not to worry, FaceOff has a whitelist feature as well. The app sells for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store and is available only for the Storm and Storm2.

Contest: We have 100 copies of FaceOff to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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