While we're still hot on the release of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, the rumors have already started flying about the BlackBerry A10.

The BlackBerry A10 will follow up the Z10 on the all-touchscreen side of the BlackBerry 10 family. In addition to bumped up specs internally (a quadcore processor is rumored), the BIGGEST visible distinguishing feature between the phones will be their size. Compared to the Z10's 4.2" display, the A10 is said to feature a 5" display. It's going to be a BIG BlackBerry phone. No doubt there. 

Thinking back to our mammoth BlackBerry Z10 review, we made it clear that the company chose the 4.2" display size for a reason. BlackBerry could have gone bigger than 4.2" if they wanted to with their first touchscreen BlackBerry 10 phone, but they intentionally chose 4.2" as the perfect compromise for maintaining a phone that could be used equally well with either one or two hands.

A 5" display on a phone is BIG. Unless you have hands the size of Simon Sage, it is much more likely it will become a phone you have to hold and use with two hands. And even on the keyboard, the added space actually tends to do more harm than good for two thumb typers. With a bigger keyboard layout, you're moving your thumbs further for every single stroke, which tends to slow you down. 

Clearly there's success in the marketplace for BIG touchscreen phones. The Galaxy S3 / S4 have done extremely well, as has the Galaxy Note 2 which is a full out phablet with a 5.5" display. With the Z10 and Q10 very much appealing to the loyal BlackBerry user base, I think it makes sense that BlackBerry put out an even bigger touchscreen display that will catch the attention of non-BlackBerry users.

I wanna know... is bigger always better?

That said, my question today is for the BlackBerry faithful, and specifically those who already own the BlackBerry Z10. If you ignore all other things that will likely be different on the A10, and just thought about the ability to have the Z10 but with a 5" display instead of 4", which would you prefer? Would you rather have the extra size that 5" will offer, or do you think 4.2" is perfect? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to vote on the poll!