Big BrotherBig Brother Gets A Makeover Corporations and BES admins have always had their eyes over our shoulders, and today the long line of BES software continued as Gwava has come up with Retain For Blackberry Enterprise Server. The longtime developer of various security software has released the software that adds on to the email and text monitoring already present on BES and makes it a breeze for Admins to analyze the data without any extra device software. The software will show email history, text history - including who sent & received the SMS message - call logs and also Blackberry Messenger messages. Admins can also add in keywords and be alerted immediately when they pop up on a device. Users wont be able to edit or work around the software since it does not present itself on the individual devices at all. Some companies may love this new offering as more and more they are monitoring all communications fro PCs and phones alike.

While similar offerings exist, Retain for BlackBerry has an advantage because it doesn't require any software for the BlackBerry phones, Lauer said. That makes it easier for IT administrators to manage, and also means that the capability is transparent to end-users. "The biggest value proposition, besides the amount of work for IT to deploy the software, is that the device user can't alter or delete a phone call or SMS or Pin message at the device level," he said.

What's it all mean? How about if you're using a BlackBerry that was issued to you by your company you may want to think twice before you send that message. Ergggs.

[ PC World

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