BBM Channels has just recently gone cross-platform and is now available for BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices. BlackBerry users have enjoyed BBM Channels for quite some time now, but users on Android and iPhone are just getting their first taste of the awesome social platform. While many users have created some great channels of their own for everything from jokes to cars to movies — there are some big brands that are also getting into the BBM Channels action as well.

Companies like TELUS, Red Bull, Disney and even Coca-Cola are getting in on the fun of channels. Here's a list of some of the top brands already using BBM Channels:

  • Coca-Cola - C001241E0
  • Disney - C002AB885
  • Toronto Maple Leafs : C0009053A
  • Toronto Raptors - C000171E7
  • InsideHook- C00120A1A
  • Mercedes Petronas - C00011785
  • Toronto International Film Festival: C000A033C
  • Shaun the Sheep: C00124C49
  • TELUS Business: C001338C9
  • Red Bull - C00155F87
  • Orange - C00123A83
  • E! - C00123A79

It's great to see them on board and it definitely shows the brand power behind the network. There are sure to be plenty more big-name companies on the way as well. And of course you can follow all of us on BBM Channels too.

What are some other awesome channels that you've discovered? Hit up the comments and let us know!