Beyond160 Beyond160

We got word through the tip line that a great new application called Beyond160 was just released. This one has been a long time coming for most hardcore texters on CDMA carriers. The simple app lets you type out SMS messages until your fingers hurt. If they are over 160 characters, instead of stopping you, it will split them up into multiple messages and send to the recipient. While this may not be an issue for GSM users, we CDMA users have had to deal with the 160 character cap for way too long.  Beyond160 is definitely worth checking out.

Get Beyond160: Beyond160 sells for $6.99, but if you swing by the on your device browser or visit the Hot section on our updated client, you can use coupon code CBBEYOND160LAUNCH at checkout and save $2.00. Coupon code expires this Sunday. * coupon code will not work in web-based app store