beware of blackberry addictThe Nanaimo Daily News published a short blackberry piece in their local paper this morning that I thought made an interesting point - basically that Loose Lips Sink Ships and BlackBerry Addicts have the Loosest Lips of them all. Here are some of the bits by Howard Levitt:

... Employees are using PDAs while driving, walking on the street, at restaurants, bars, and even at the gym. Many employees feel be-holden to respond immediately to the beep of a pending message. Hence, the reference to "Crackberrys." Common sense seldom prevails. Often, they don't know who is listening or peering over their shoulders.

While employees may be blithe, employers should be concerned because they ultimately are the ones responsible for employees' actions.

Any information leaks could expose employers to liability for a multitude of infractions. Betraying a client's confidentiality, violating privacy rights, even damaging misstatements or defamation could result from a PDA "slip." And it won't be long before employers are making large payouts as result of these "indiscretions."

It also won't be long before the first $1-million damage award against an employer from a driver or pedestrian injured by an e-mailing employee...

So what you do think? Are you a loose talking blackberry user? Do you check to see who's listening in nearby before you "slip" and blab away about confidential information on your berry? Do you think this is really a problem or overblown?

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