Fixmo Tools

Ok CrackBerry readers, it's time for some beta testing! Fixmo is a new entrant in the smartphone mobile app space and they want your feedback on the beta of their new Fixmo Tools offering. Started up by Rick Segal, formerly with the BlackBerry Partners Fund, Fixmo is looking to shake things up in the world of mobile utilities. If you think of what Norton Utilities was to computers back in the day, that's the sort of position Fixmo is taking within mobile - rounding up useful individual tools that increase device functionality and packaging them into one application that remains current as time goes on and the need for new / different utilities emerge.

I got an early look at Fixmo Tools the other day and now Fixmo has set up a download site so CrackBerry readers who want to give an early (and free!) look at the beta can do so. Be sure to keep reading below for a message to beta testers from Fixmo. And once you've given it a try, be sure to send them in your feedback.

  • To download, visit from your BlackBerry's web browser

Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry - Message to Beta Testers from Fixmo

Thanks for agreeing to participate in the Fixmo beta. The whole team is pumped and excited to get your feedback. Please take a moment and read this email as it contains important information regarding what the heck this baby is and what, specifically, we'd like you to give us feedback on.

But first, let me give you the 10 second pitch. Fixmo Tools is a set of utilities designed to make your smart phone smarter. We've uncovered a bunch of places where we think that by adding functionality to your BlackBerry, you get an even more satisfying experience with your smart phone. The software is a growing set of cool utilities each of which has a specific goal in mind. The first core utilities are turned on in this release. You'll note some grey'd out icons which are placeholders for additional utilities. Stay tuned as we turn on even more cool apps. Yeah, I used the word cool twice in one paragraph, my bad, no more.

Utilities for this release:

The goal is to let you undelete email, pin messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos you accidentally erase. You can access to the undelete items on the message menu as undelete.

Flame Retardant
The name, just so you know, is a play on the old "flame wars" moniker you'd see from time to time. A flame war is code for two (or more people) going at it in email. I designed this utility basically to save you from doing bad things to your relationships or careers. When you enable Flame Retardant, we warn you if you are about to do any of a bunch of potentially bad things.

Phone Silencer
The goal here is to keep your phone quiet during meetings. We track your calendar appointments and intercept your calls during meetings. In addition, we have the quiet silence which you instantly can set for a block of time. Perfect for when you are walking into the movies. Set it and forget it. You can assign the quick silence to a convenience key for added functionality. In the future release, we'll have exceptions, profile changes, and other custom things you can do with respect making sure the phone works for you and not against you.

Forward/Reply with Edit
Inline Edit solves the problem of not being able to edit a message on your BlackBerry when you reply to it or attempt to forward it. Like undelete, you will find this on the message menus. Please note this does not presently work with PIN messages, email only.

Battery Watch
Battery Watch's goal is to monitor battery usage and warn you when you battery reaches low power levels.

Memory Watch
Memory Watch's goal is to monitor your memory usage, alerting you to issues, clearing cache, and providing numerous statistics pages.

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