And the winner of the BEST of WES 2007 "It's About Crack'n Time Award"  is.... the envelope please ....

Yahoo! Go

That's right. When I walked away from the Yahoo booth at WES 2007 I was from then on a changed man. For some people, this award might come as a bit of a shock, as it's old news - Yahoo! Go with integrated services for BlackBerry became available over a year ago. So maybe that means it should have been Best of WES 2006, but I wasn't there, so 2007 it is!

Yahoo! Go - Best of WES 2007 If you have never seen this application before, I challenge you to download it and give it a go. I think you will agree with me that Yahoo! Go sets a new benchmark for Mobile Applications. From my experience I've always considered WAP sites and Berry Applications to be a compromise in terms of looks and functionality when compared to their desktop counterparts.

Yahoo! Go sacrifices nothing. The mobile app/site brings great looks, combined with all of the content and services that Yahoo's web site offers. It's fast, as well as easy to navigate and use (my only complaint - trackwheel users will have to hold down the Alt Key to move from the Menu Carousel to the Main Content Area. Trackball users it's all good).

Check out the online demo here (it doesn't use a berry but we'll forgive them for it), and when you're ready to download it on to your blackberry point your mobile browser to

Function over Fashion, or Fashion over Function. When it comes to Apps for your BlackBerry you can't have both. That's what I always thought. And I was wrong. Yahoo Go! proved you can have your cake and eat it too.  Congrats!!