Best running apps for BlackBerry

MobileFitIt's fitness month here at Mobile Nations. Are you ready? I have enjoyed fitness month the past two years and I quite like that we're doing it in June this year. It's warmer and I think more people will jump in this time. If you're looking into running then this post is for you. We've compiled a list the best running apps on BlackBerry 10, see which one tickles your fancy and give it a try.

CascaRun Sports Tracker/Pro


CascaRun is a native BlackBerry 10 app, so you know it will run smooth. Although the name contains the word 'run' in it, the app is a general sports tracking app. You can track hikes, jogs, bike rides and more. While running you can display a live, if you wanted. It even has it's own 'lockscreen' where you can glance at your total running time and distance. There is also a shortcut to toggle the flashlight for those that go on night runs.

CascaRun comes with a free version and a pro version. With the pro version you can get some extra features like audio feedback (choice between English or German), heart rate monitoring (requires heart rate monitor, connects via Bluetooth), more map availability and more stats. 

CascaRun doesn't require you to login or register an account. The back draw with that is you can't sync it to anything.

CascaRun Sports Tracker is free version, if you want to dive in and get the pro version, that costs $4.99.

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