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The past few years were rough for a lot of us, and they were also rough for the huge CES technology showcase — but CES was back in full force to start off 2023 and we were there to take it all in! CES has changed and grown over the years, and while we don't often see mind-blowing phone launches there any more there's still a lot of awesome stuff being shown for the first time that will end up on sale in the year ahead.

So let's dive right in to the best that CES 2023 had to offer!

Best of
CES 2023

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Front Press

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 ultrawide monitor

This thing checks all of the boxes. 57 inches at a 32:9 aspect ratio, packed with as many pixels as two 4K monitors running at up to 240hz. It's Derek's dream monitor for the last four years, and it's finally coming later in 2023.

Withings Uscan Toilet

Withings U-Scan

You might not believe the potential of your urine, but there's a lot you can learn from it. Withings wants to harness the data lurking in your pee so you can better track your nutrition or menstrual cycle, and they made the Withings U-Scan for toilet to do just that!



Is there still space for a privacy-focused smartphone platform? In the face of Google and Apple, the upstars at Apostrophy think they have the answer in AphyOS: a subscription-based mobile OS built on the open source version of Android, free of Google's tentacles siphoning away your data.

Yarbo Mower

Yarbo lawn bot

There are some big promises that Yarbo has to live up to here, but a 3-in-1 yard bot that can handle grass cutting, leaf blowing, and snow clearing? Now you have our attention.

Matter Logo

Matter smart home protocol

Home automation was a huge thing at CES 2023, and underpinning a lot of that was the new Matter standard. While it's not a single thing you can go buy, Matter is poised to revolutionize the smart home with a simple, secure, and broadly supported system.

Lenovo Thinkbook Twist Plus Ces 2023 Crackberry

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist

Forget the mouthful of a name, let's talk about the versatility of this throwback twist-display design. Lenovo's latest harkens back to the early experimental days of the convertible laptop, but adds in a two-sided display — bright and colorful OLED on one side, and low-power monochrome E Ink on the other. And somehow they made it work really well even with full-fat Windows 11 driving it all.

HTC Vive XR Elite headset

HTC Vive XR Elite

HTC's first mixed-reality headset is a game-changer, bringing the outside world into the VR headset. While it can be fun for games and art, the real future for this is in the workplace where it could revolutionize interactions with complex physical systems.

Naya Create Knob Press

Naya modular keyboard

Sometimes a set of QWERTY keys alone just doesn't cut it. Naya's modular keyboard system is tailored towards artists, video editors, streamers, and gamers and lets you pick a keycap style and add on control modules like a trackball, dial, or 3D navigator.

Motorola Thinkphone Front Back Press

Lenovo ThinkPhone

It's kinda wild that took this long to get a ThinkPad phone. Lenovo's ThinkPad branding is coming to a new business-focused Motorola handset as the ThinkPhone, bringing along the legendary durability straightforward design aesthetic. The big selling point is the tight integration with Lenovo's laptops, something corporate IT is sure to love.

Nuwa Pen White Press

Nuwa Pen

You might think you've seen digitizing pens from years ago, but this one's different. Instead of a special touch pad under your paper, the Nuwa Pen is designed to work with any surface. All of the digitizing of your handwriting and drawing happens in the pen itself.

RAM 1500 EV side

Ram 1500 REV

Honestly, what makes the Ram 1500 REV exciting is how unexciting it is. Ram's first all-electric truck aims to hit the fundamentals first, with a design that says "EV" but doesn't scream weirdness. And that's an important thing for making EVs accessible (along with pricing, which we're still waiting for).

Peugeot Inception Concept front

Peugeot Invision Concept

Sorry, did we say something about unexciting, normal-looking electric cars? Nevermind that, Peugot's radical Invision Concept car is so wild that it's hard not to stare. The hard-edged design and innovative, if questionable, driving mechanics are stunning and bode well for the future of an otherwise fairly boring brand.

Ring Car Cam Press

Ring Car Cam

No matter what car you have or get, keeping it safe these days is more important than ever. Ring's new Car Cam does just that, acting as both dashcam for when you're driving, voice commands to start recording, and a security camera for when you're parked and away.

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