One of the best features of the BlackBerry KEYone is expandable storage. With only 32GB of internal storage on the silver edition and 64GB on the Black Edition, you're probably going to want a microSD for storing all the photos and videos you'll shoot with your KEYone.

The KEYone can handle up to 2TB of additional storage — but those are hypothetical numbers at this point. Don't get suckered in by someone offering a 1TB microSD, and always be sure to buy your microSD cards from reputable sites — scammers are out there looking to make a quick buck selling fake microSD cards.

Consider checking out Android Central's breakdown of the best microSD cards for Android, or read on for some recommendations taken straight from the CrackBerry KEYone forums.

Lexar Professional 1000x microSDXC

This card was specifically recommended by VictorRight in the CrackBerry KEYone forums and receives top marks for being one of the fastest cards you'll find. It uses UHS-II speeds for reads and writes which means you'll see no slowdown using the card with your KEYone.

There are three sizes available — the 64GB is your best value at around $60. You can go bigger with a 128GB card, but you'll also pay $130.

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Samsung EVO+ microSDXC

Samsung's EVO+ microSD cards are top quality as you'd expect from such a trusted brand. These things are rugged enough to withstand pretty much any conditions you throw at it, so even if your phone gets zapped by X-rays, torn apart by magnets, or takes a dip in the pool, your data will remain secure.

You can add 256GB to your KEYone for $102.00.

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Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB U3 microSDXC

Sandisk emerged as the clear favorite in a CrackBerry forum thread on microSD cards, so if you're just looking for extra space and don't care too much about extreme read/write speeds, you can be confident that these cards will work with your KEYone.

You'll find options for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, with the latter coming in at just over $50.

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Which cards do you trust?

Brand loyalty is totally a thing for storage devices, so which brand do you trust most? Let us know what microSD card you use in the comments below!

This article was updated on May 11th to include new listings and pricings.

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