Jawbone in Red Consider this blog post to be a teaser and a promo... :) 

Review Teaser:
I'm finally putting together an in-depth review of the Aliph Jawbone this week. We actually received our Red Jawbone at the CrackBerry.com offices back in May (Read our Jawbone Unboxing Here), and have now given the Jawbone three months of real life use, with a full month spent using it in conjunction with a different BlackBerry Device (the 8700, the 8800, and the Curve). Even if you have read other reviews on the Jawbone, you won't want to miss ours! Stay Tuned...

Here is a great deal! The RED Jawbone is on right now for only $89.95 in the CrackBerry.com store. Considering these bad boys hit the market at $150, it's a huge savings. If you have been considering getting a bluetooth headset, you really can't go wrong with the Jawbone at this price.

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