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If you're trying to get a great workout on in the comfort of home, the best at-home fitness accessories can help you elevate your training. We're big fans of sweating in your own space, which is why we love the best fitness apps. They enable you to work out anytime, anywhere. Some workouts don't require any equipment, but many do. These are the best at-home fitness accessories to level up your training at home.

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Staff Pick Gorilla Mats

Best overall: Gorilla Mats Premium Large Yoga Mat

If you're going to work out at home, you need a high-quality exercise mat, and that's exactly what Gorilla Mats delivers. This extra-large mat measures seven-feet by five-feet and is eight millimeters thick. It features a unique, textured, non-slip top layer that delivers superior grip so you won't slip, and the 8mm, double thick padding provides plenty of cushion to protect your joints. It's designed for all types of at-home workouts — in shoes or barefoot.

$190 at Amazon
Lionscool Free Weights

Lionscool Dumbbell Set: Best light dumbbell set

A free weight set is a must-have for any at-home fitness setup, and we love this five pair set by Lionscool. You get 2-, 3-, 5-, 8-, and 10-pound pairs with this set, and they come with a sturdy, rolling, A-frame dumbbell rack to keep them organized and off the floor. Each dumbbell features a neoprene coating for a no-slip grip, and the hexagonal shape ensures they won't roll away mid-workout.

$170 at Amazon
Cap Barbell Dumbbell Set

Best heavy dumbbell set: Cap Barbell Dumbbell Set

If you're looking for a heavier dumbbell set, look no further — CAP Barbell Dummbell Set is it! This five pair set includes 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, and 25-pound pairs. Plus, a durable, A-frame rack for storage. The rack is made of steel and finished with a black powder coat. The dumbbells feature a hexagon design so they won't roll away, and the handles are made of a texturized alloy steel for a grip that won't slip.

$227 at Amazon
Flybird Weight Bench

Best weight bench: Flybird Weight Bench

A quality weight bench is a good, versatile addition to any home gym. This one by Flybird is very highly rated. It's designed with seven back positions and three seat positions for full body workouts, and it's easy to adjust. It's made of an alloy steel frame and has a weight limit of 800 pounds. Plus — it folds! It measures 30-inches long, by 16-inches wide, by 9-inches high when folded for convenient storage.

$150 at Amazon
Amazon Basics Foam Roller

Best recovery accessory: Amazon Basics High-Density Foam Roller

A foam roller is an integral part of any fitness recovery routine. If you don't have one, you need one! This one by Amazon features high-density foam that's ideal for balance, strengthening, flexibility, and rehab exercises. It's durable and will maintain its shape over time. Plus, it's super lightweight and easy to clean. It measures 12- long by 6- wide by 6-inches high.

$15 at Amazon
Tribe Resistance Bands

Best resistance bands: Tribe Lifting Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great because they can add intensity to a large variety of workouts making them a great accessory for your home workout setup. This set includes five bands in extra-light (5-10lb), light (10-15lb), medium (15-25lb), heavy (25-35lb), and extra-heavy (35-37lb) increments. They're made of an uber-strong fabric so they won't pinch your skin, and they won't slip down your workout clothes.

$20 at Amazon
Yes4all Kettlebells

Best kettlebells: Yes4All Combo Kettlebells

Kettlebells have been around for a long time, but they've gotten increasingly popular over the last decade. This Yes4All set comes with 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-pound kettlebells. Each kettlebell is encased with color-coded vinyl for longevity that won't scuff up your floors. The handles are made of a textured steel for a secure and comfortable grip, and their flat bottoms enable upright storage that won't roll.

$164 at Amazon
Bcan Foldable Trampoline

Best trampoline: BCan Foldable Mini Trampoline

This awesome at-home mini trampoline features a heavy-duty handlebar that offers four adjustable levels to accommodate users (kids to adults) of all heights. It has a 32 closed spring design that's waterproof, anti-scratch, and easy to clean. Jumping can burn a lot of calories quickly, which makes it an excellent high-intensity cardio workout. This little trampoline is foldable for easy storage and it's perfect for home.

$100 at Amazon
Intent Sports Yoga Ball Set

Best ball: Intent Sports Yoga Ball Chair Set

This Intent Sports yoga ball set includes an extra-large ball, ball pump, ball base, adjustable bands, user guide, exercise book, and exercise chart for inspiration in your yoga ball workouts. The base prevents the ball from rolling and the bands add upper body options to your training sessions. You can access on-demand workouts with the Fitbanx app. It can support up to 550 pounds and comes in five colors.

$40 at Amazon

Sweat steady — at home!

Set yourself up for successful workouts in your space with the best at-home fitness accessories.

If you're trying to train at home, you need a good workout mat. We love Gorilla Mats because they're extra-large, no-slip, exercise mats designed to give you great grip and cushion for your joints. Plus, they'll last a lifetime!

Free weights are another must-have at-home fitness accessory. If you prefer a lighter free weight set, Lionscool Dumbbell Set fits the bill. If you want something heavier, the Cap Barbell Dumbbell Set is calling your name.

Another fitness accessory every fitness enthusiast should have is a good foam roller. Amazon Basics High-Density Foam Roller will help relieve muscle tension and inflammation. It's a good idea to use one before and after your workouts.

If you're trying to train insane in the comfort of your own space, we've got you covered with the best at-home fitness accessories.

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