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Best chargers for iPhone CrackBerry 2024

So, the iPhone 15 crew has finally jumped on the USB-C bandwagon! Now it's hanging with the cool tech squad like Macs, iPads, Nintendo Switches, and basically every Android device out there.

But those old Lightning cables? Yeah, they're pretty much vintage tech overnight. The new iPhone 15 does toss in a USB-C cable, but forget about the charging block.

That means all those chargers from your drawer full of past iPhones are about to collect dust.

Now, let's talk about snagging some top-notch charging blocks that won't leave your iPhone hanging when it needs a charge.

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind when choosing the best charger for your smartphone, especially if it is an iPhone, and we will try to simplify the process for you here.

Overall, embracing these changes ensures seamless compatibility and efficient charging for your iPhone. Smooth charging, no drama.

Apple 20w Charger

Best for compatibility: Apple 20W USB-C power adapter

Apple's 20W USB-C Adapter is the real deal. Sleek, not too hard on the wallet, and you can bet it'll sync up perfectly with your iPhone. Apple's gone and made it a solo act, which means you might need to snag a cable on your own, especially depending on your iPhone model. But hey, it's a small price to pay for that guaranteed Apple quality. So, if you're in the market for a charger that won't let you down, this little powerhouse is worth checking out. Just remember, the cable might be an extra step.

$15 at Amazon
Anker Nano Ii 30w Fast Charger

Latest and greatest micro-charger: Anker Nano II 30W

Check out the Anker Nano II 30-watt charger—it's like the souped-up version of the OG 20-watt Nano charger, thanks to its gallium nitride tech. Despite being almost the same size, it packs a punch with faster charging capabilities. This bad boy isn't just for your phone; it'll power up your MacBook Air, iPad, and other Apple gadgets too. And if you need even more power, Anker's got you covered with their 45- and 65-watt chargers. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

$16 at Amazon
Belkin Boost Charge Pro

Best overall charging tree: Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger with MagSafe

This sleek chrome charging tree effortlessly suspends two of your Apple gadgets, giving off major classy vibes. With its compact T-shaped design, it won't hog up precious space on your desk or nightstand. Plus, it can power up your iPhone at lightning-fast 15-watt speeds. And if you're rocking the Apple Watch Series 7 or newer, it has got you covered with fast-charging capabilities too. Just drop your AirPods Pro or AirPods with the wireless charging case onto the base, and voilà! You're charging up all your gear from a single outlet like a boss.

$130 at Amazon
Ugreen Nexode 100w

Best for fast charging: Ugreen Nexode 100W wall charger

Ugreen Nexode 100W GaN is a slick 4-port wall charger sporting three USB-C ports and one USB-A connection. Need a speedy charge? This charger can pump out up to 100W for a single device. Even when you've got all ports buzzing, one device can still charge at 45W. But it's not just about the iPhones. This charger plays nice with laptops, phones, tablets—you name it. Plus, it's a globetrotter's dream with its foldable plug. Just toss it in your bag, and you're good to go. Now, here's the kicker: it's not a power bank like the Anker 733. So, if you're hoping for some backup juice on the fly, you're out of luck.

$44 at Amazon
Nomad Magsafe Stand

Best MagSafe charging stand: Nomad MagSafe stand

For a smarter way to charge overnight, ditch the cables and opt for Apple's MagSafe connector. The Nomad MagSafe Stand stands out as my top pick, boasting solid build quality and a sleek design that complements any nightstand or desk. Stick to the standard version for a more budget-friendly option that still delivers at 7.5W charging speed, ideal for preserving battery health. Plus, its ergonomic height makes using your iPhone hassle-free. While the peak design wireless charging stand offers a compelling alternative, the Nomad remains my go-to for its balance of affordability, functionality, and style.

$110 at Nomad
Minix Neo P3 100w

Best four-port charger: Minix NEO P3 100W Turbo

The Minix NEO P3 100W Turbo boasts impressive power with four ports: three USB-C and one USB-A. It accommodates diverse devices, from hefty laptops like the 16-inch MacBook Pro to tablets and phones. Charging speeds vary smartly: two USB-C ports can reach 100W individually, with a combo of 65W and 30W or 45W, 30W, and 20W when utilizing multiple ports. Its adaptive power allocation mimics Apple's efficiency. Compact and versatile, it features a foldable U.S. plug and interchangeable U.K. and EU pin converters, ideal for both local use and international travel. The Minix NEO P3 is a reliable companion for all charging needs.

$60 at Amazon
Magsafe Duo White Folded

Portable if slow: MagSafe Duo

Looking for a sleek wireless charger that handles both your iPhone and Apple Watch? Enter the MagSafe Duo. It's a looker, no doubt, though it's not the speediest at 11W without the separate 27W adapter. But if overnight charging is your jam, no worries. The real selling point, though, is its foldable design, which makes it a breeze to stash in your pocket, perfect for globetrotters. Sure, you're shelling out for that Apple flair, but it's worth it for the convenience and style. One device, dual charging capabilities—pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

$108 at Amazon

Speed meets style

When it comes to finding the best charger for your iPhone, it's essential to prioritize both quality and convenience. From fast-charging capabilities to durability and portability, the options are vast.

Whether you opt for Apple's official chargers or explore third-party alternatives, make sure to consider factors like safety certifications and customer reviews. The same things apply for when you buy a charging cable.

Ultimately, investing in a reliable charger ensures not only the longevity of your device but also your peace of mind.

So, whether you're on the go or simply need a backup at home, choose wisely and power up your iPhone with confidence.

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