Best chargers for Galaxy S24 CrackBerry 2024

Samsung's latest flagship smartphone lineup for 2024 is here, and it's all about leveling up with some killer AI tools.

Whether you're eyeing the Galaxy S24 or its equally impressive siblings, you're in for a treat with their top-notch cameras, cutting-edge features, and beastly chipsets.

But this time around, Samsung's ditched the charging bricks in the box, meaning you'll need to choose a charger for your smartphone separately to keep your device powered up and ready to roll.

We've got you covered with a roundup of the best chargers to max out your Galaxy S24 experience.

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Samsung 45w Charger

Samsung's official adapter and cable: Samsung 45W USB-C fast charger

Samsung's S24 comes with a cool feature where you can charge it up to 65% in just 30 minutes using their 45W charger. Plus, they throw in a 6-foot USB-C to USB-C cable, which is perfect for those awkward under-the-desk setups. And don't sweat about any short-circuit drama, because this charger's got you covered there too. Basically, if you've got the new Galaxy, this official adapter and cable combo is pretty much a no-brainer.

$34 at Amazon
Belkin Boostcharge 3 Port Usb C Wall Charger

Best wall charger for the Galaxy S24: Belkin BoostCharge 3 port USB-C wall charger

This Belkin wall charger is a blessing when it comes to powering up your gadgets quickly. Imagine getting your phone's battery from 0 to 50% in just 23 minutes – that's the kind of speed we're talking about here. It's a powerhouse, offering up to 67 watts of charging power from a single port. And it's not just a one-trick pony; this charger comes with three USB-C ports with a distribution of 25W + 20W + 20W. Plus, its compact design means it's easy to toss in your bag and take anywhere.

$45 at Amazon
Iniu Charger

Best charger with a Type-A port: INIU charger

If you're juggling a bunch of older gadgets that still rock the classic USB-A connector, the INIU charger is for you. Its USB-A port dishes out 18W of power, making it a solid choice for charging your smaller devices while you're on the move. Now, when it comes to the USB-C ports, they're ready to pump out a hefty 45W — that's the sweet spot for the Galaxy S24. But keep in mind, that's when you're charging one gadget at a time. Hook up two devices, and the output adjusts to 30W for USB-C and 12W for USB-A. Built with top-notch materials and backed by a 3-year guarantee, this GaN charger is all about quality and reliability.

$17 at Amazon
Anker 45 Watt Charger

Best charger overall: Anker 313 Ace 45W charger

The Anker 313 Ace 45W Charger is a game-changer for charging tech. It's impressively small and designed with convenience in mind, thanks to its foldable prongs. You won't break the bank getting one, and it delivers a powerful 45W Super Fast Charging 2.0, perfect for charging your Samsung Galaxy S24 quickly. With its single USB-C port, the setup is sleek and straightforward. Plus, it's a GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger, which means it's not just fast but also smart at keeping cool. Anker has truly outdone itself, offering top-notch performance in a compact, efficient package.

$18 at Amazon
Spigen Gan 452 Charger

Best compact charger: Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 452

The Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 452 charger is a match made in heaven for the Galaxy S24. With a hefty 45W power output and dual USB-C ports, it's not just powerful—it's also super compact. Whether you're looking to quickly power up your Galaxy S24 or S24 Ultra, this little powerhouse has got you covered, getting your device from 0 to 100% in less than an hour. And it doesn't stop there; you can even throw your Galaxy Buds into the mix and charge them at the same time. It's the kind of efficiency and convenience that tech enthusiasts dream of.

$40 at Amazon
Samsung Duo Wireless Charger With Phone And Watch

Best wireless charger: Samsung 15W Duo wireless charger

Leveraging the wireless charging capability of the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a must, especially with the Samsung 15W Duo wireless charger in play. This nifty gadget lets you power up not just your smartphone but also other devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. You can say goodbye to the hassle and eventual wear and tear of using traditional charging cables. And don't worry, you're not sacrificing any of the perks you'd get from a standard charging block. With this wireless charger, fast charging is still very much on the table, though it caps at 15W instead of 25W. But the real convenience here is the simplicity—just drop your Galaxy S24 on it and voilà, it starts charging.

$33 at Amazon

Power up your Galaxy S24

Our top picks not only meet Samsung's charging specifications but exceed them, offering rapid power-up times without sacrificing battery health.

Finding the best charger for your Galaxy S24 boils down to balancing speed, efficiency, and convenience.

These chargers stand out for their durability, future-proof design, and the ability to adapt to a wide range of devices beyond your S24.

Investing in the right charger means more than just fast charging; it's about ensuring your device stays powered through your busiest days.

Make the smart choice and give your Galaxy S24 the power it deserves, ensuring it's always ready when you are.

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