BlackBerry PlayBook

*Update 2* - And now it looks like they all went into backorder status and are back to regular pricing. Pretty sure that won't last long though -- those prices were there for a reason so they'll likely appear again soon. Plus, you can hit the sotres -- a lot of folks are saying they still have them and are selling them for the sale price.

*Update* Best Buy Mexico has dropped prices as well -- Thanks, @icemanswimmer!

As much as I hate stating the obvious and inevitable -- Best Buy USA has now followed suit of their Canadian branch for the most part. All BlackBerry PlayBook versions have now dropped in pricing. Right now a 16GB is going for $200 with a 32GB going for $230 and 64GB roundong out at $300. For the moment, 16GB and 64GB are currently on back order with shipment dates showing as mid December but 32GB are currently in stock and ready to be shipped.

PS: Yes, the pricing has a misprint on it -- don't get overly excited unless you're willing to fight for that price.

More information available at Best Buy

Via: BriefMobile