Best Buy Letting Tour 9630 Stock Deplete?

According to some whispers heard by Boy Genius it seems as though Best Buy is selling off all their BlackBerry Tour 9630 stock and not planning on adding any more to replace the sold out item. Now, while it's pretty much safe to assume the reason for this is due to the fact the Tour2 will be releasing at any point now. It's not however, an automatic assumption that the original BlackBerry Tour is to be discontinued.

Seems quite a few people are jumping on the rumor and taking it to the limit. If anyone thinks the Tour is going to be ripped off he shelves never to see the light of day again, think about all the other devices that are still selling while their successor devices are there right along side of them. You can still buy BlackBerry Pearl 8100's and BlackBerry Curve 8310's not to mention original BlackBerry Storm 9530's (If ever there was a device that should be....err..nevermind). It's simply another variation of BlackBerry that some users will opt to buy into, especially after a price drop.