We just got word on this upcoming launch and it definitely looks promising. I wouldn't have expected something like this to come from Best Buy, but it is what it is. Their new mIQ service lets you backup pretty much all of the data on your device. Calendar, contacts, text messages media and more can all be backup up with the service, and you can access everything from the web. The changes you make on the web are synched to your device and vice versa.

mIQ from Best Buy Mobile helps users sync their contacts, text messages, calendar events, calls, photos, videos, and internet favorites from their mobile phones to their private web-based mIQ account. Once backed-up in the cloud, users can interact with their information in exciting new ways, share their experiences with friends and social sites, and easily restore their content when moving from one phone to the next. Content instantly transfers between the phone and the web without requiring any user interaction - ensuring that users are always backed-up and have access to the most up-to-date information - wherever they are. 

I'm actually very excited to check out the service and see if its all that it claims to be. It has potential to replace multiple BlackBerry apps if it does what it says and does it well. You will need to install the app on your device, but any phones purchased from Best Buy Mobile will come with it pre-installed. Perhaps the best part is that the service is totally free. Accounts will be given out on a first come first served basis starting October 12th. You can signup now by visiting miqlive.com.

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