Update - June 8th: We're seeing more in stock again! If you do see stock run out, we suggest using the Notify Me button on the page to sign up. Best Buy will send out an email as soon as there's more inventory so you can get on that order asap!

Update - June 7th: Late night stock replenish. More available from online! Hurry!

Update - June 6th: Seeing the KEYone back in stock in Best Buy online. Looks like this will become a daily thing so keep checking in regularly for more inventory.

Update: That was fast... the online inventory sold out already (local inventory will vary depending on where you live - check site). The word is inventory should be on an almost-daily replenishment cycle now, so if you didn't get a hold of it today keep checking back daily and you should be able to get your hands on a KEYone sooner rather than later.

If you missed out on picking up a BlackBerry KEYone when they initially went on sale, no matter. You can now head on over to the Best Buy site and place your order right now to get a BlackBerry KEYone of your very own shipped right to you!

If you prefer to do local pickup instead, you can do that as well. All Best Buy locations are offering in-store pickup options, though, date ranges do vary with some showing stock available right now. If you've been waiting, now is a good chance to get an order in there but act fast!

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