Forgive the tardiness here, folks. Between BlackBerry Jam Asia and checking out the BlackBerry Z30 in Waterloo, I haven’t had much of a chance to round up the best BB10 apps launched in September, but we’re here now! September was actually pretty busy for BlackBerry World. Let’s dig in.


Evernote finally got its own stand-alone app for BlackBerry 10. The integration with the native Remember app was certainly great, but certain things like rich text editing, checkmark boxes, and adding tags were sorely missing for those that live and die by the cloud notetaking service.  As always, you can attach audio, video, and image files to your notes, and organize them based on notebooks. Those that only need a simple memo app will probably fare well enough with Remember on its own, but Evernote’s dedicated client is able to meet higher demands like a champ.

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Badland graced BlackBerry World this month, bringing its own brand of polished one-touch gameplay and a unique, alien aesthetic to BB10. Players have to guide an odd little forest-dweller through a gauntlet of obstacles, often getting batted around, shrunk, expanded, and multiplied in the process. Though it’s a simple side-scroller game, Badland earned high praise after its launch on iOS, and BB10 has managed to snag this one even before it hit Android or Windows Phone. Pick it up, and show the dev it pays to come to BlackBerry first.

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Flipboard, a visually rich feed reader for Android and iOS, made its way to BB10 last month. Users browse through a large catalog of content, find their interests, subscribe to relevant channels, and mark stories to read later, or assemble their own themed, shareable Magazines from what they find. Flipboard earns its name through its swipe-based user interface, which flips the current screen in half in order to move forward or backwards through stories. For now, Flipboard is only available to us lucky bastards with a BlackBerry Z30, but sit tight Z10, Q10, and Q5 owners - I’m sure it’s coming your way soon.

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Contre Jour

At its core, Contre Jour players have to get a little black dot to a goal point by moving terrain, attaching ropes, and working with other various physics toys. There are bonus objectives along the way, which can be a challenge to snag, but will earn you the three stars needed for full bragging rights. Contre Jour is one of my favorite games on mobile for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s downright charming - maybe it’s the adorable black blobby main character or the classy piano soundtrack or the surreal, silhouetted art style. The gameplay is altogether original, combining elements from Portal and Cut The Rope with a few unique twists of its own.

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Email Archiver

Email Archiver does exactly what it says on the box: save your e-mails as .eml or .html files. You can archive messages one by one, or as a whole batch, and password-protected for added security. The Active Frame shows how many messages you have across all of your accounts and a quick battery meter.

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Those are just a few of the releases to come out in September - what are your favorite new apps for BlackBerry 10?