The best BlackBerry 10 apps and games

CrackBerry's curated list of the must-download BlackBerry 10 apps and games, updated on an ongoing basis! Bookmark this page right now, as you'll be visiting it often! Welcome to CrackBerry's list of the BEST apps and games available for BlackBerry 10. We'll be updating this post frequently as great new apps and games become available for the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and other BlackBerry 10 phones. Whether paid or free, if it's a great app for BlackBerry 10 you will find it here.

Last Updated: April 1, 2013


SELECTION CRITERIA: Every app and game on this list has been downloaded, installed and used by a member of the CrackBerry team. If we think it's an app worth taking the time to download, it will be added to this list. For the most part we are vetting each app for a quality experience (built native for BlackBerry 10 is what we prefer) that is also rich in features, but we'll also allow popular Android ports onto this list that are particularly good. Each listing will be accompanied by a short "review in a tweet" or the rationale of why it's worth your time to download.

To begin, we're keeping this list sorted simply between the best free and paid apps and games for BlackBerry 10. As this list gets BIG, we'll begin splitting things up into more categories and specific use-case apps. Our first goal here is to get you the best apps and games for your BlackBerry 10 phone that every BlackBerry Z10 owner should have!

Now, keep in mind that some of the very best apps come preinstalled on a BlackBerry 10 device, such as Facebook Foursquare, Google Talk, and Dropbox. Those are gimmies, so we've excluded them from the list. Entries that are in italics are recent additions.

INSTALLING APPS: If you're visiting this page on your BlackBerry 10 phone, simply clicking on an app link will pop up the option to then open the app in BlackBerry World. From there you can easily install it. If you are visiting on your desktop computer, the link will take you to the BlackBerry World website. Be sure to log in to BlackBerry World with your BlackBerry ID. From the website on your computer, you can actually complete the purchase (if necessary) or click the download link on a free app, and the download will automatically start on your BlackBerry 10 phone (super cool, we know).

SUBMIT AN APP: If you come across awesome BlackBery 10 apps that are not on the list, be sure to talk about them in our BlackBerry 10 Apps and BlackBerry 10 Games forums. We'll constantly be trolling the forums looking for more great apps and games to try out.

The best BlackBerry 10 apps


  • Stocks - $2.99 - Keep tabs on your favorite stocks, even from the active frame.
  • IM+ Pro - $4.99 - Chat with friends across multiple social networks seamlessly.
  • gNewsReader - $0.99 - Get caught up with all of your favorite RSS feeds.
  • Podcasts - $0.99 - Subscribe, get notified, and queue downloads for your favorite podcasts.
  • Book Reader - $0.99 - Read EPUB and MOBI e-books on your BlackBerry.
  • SayIt - $2.99 - A super-charged voice-activated assistant.
  • MyAccountant - $0.99 - A Cascades-friendly income and expense tracker.
  • PlayCloud 10 - $1.99 - An advanced file manager that provides Google Drive, FTP, and other cloud access.
  • ReadItNow! - $1.99 - Access stories that you've marked for reading later,
  • Paper Camera - $1.99 - Add awesome and unique sketch effects to still photos and video.

Honourable mentions: PicShop ($3.99),  Wallpaper Changer HD ($1.99)


  • CrackBerry 10 - The best way to experience CrackBerry on your Z10. AMAZING app!
  • Spark Me - Pimp out your avatar picture with a freakin' sweet Spark or CrackBerry logo!
  • Songza - Android port of the best streaming music service out there. Mood-based playlists with no audio ads.
  • Untappd - Share your favorite brew with friends and discover new beers.
  • Flixster - Look up movie info and find what's playing at local theatres.
  • theScore - Get fast sports scores, news, and standings on the go.
  • Badoo - Meet nearby singles.
  • Conqu - Take your task management to the next level.
  • BlackBerry Travel - Keep track of all your travel plans. Flights, car rentals, hotels and more.
  • Amazon Kindle - The Kindle app puts over a million books at your fingertips.

Honourable mentions: PicStory, Nobex, Slacker RadioWordPress, Cooklet

The best BlackBerry 10 games


  • World of Goo - $4.99 - A maddeningly difficult physics puzzler.
  • Pix 'N Love - $2.99 - Hectic platforming with a unique twist on the retro feel.
  • The Bard's Tale - $5.99 - A classic tongue-in-cheek action-RPG.
  • Devil's Attorney - $2.99 - Sleaze your way to the top with this strategic legal game.
  • Gyro - $0.99 - A simple, abstract reflex game about spinning a color-coded wheel.
  • Funky Smugglers - $0.99 - Make sure granny doesn't get on the plane with an uzi.
  • N.O.V.A. 3 - $0.99 - The premiere sci-fi 3D first-person shooter. Buckle up, Halo fans.
  • Sprinkle - $1.99 - Douse flames in this mind-bending puzzler.
  • Super Hexagon - $2.99 - Super Hexagon is an intense and obscenely difficult abstract puzzle game with an awesome 8-bit soundtrack.
  • Need for Speed: Undercover - $2.99 - Real cars! Real fast! Play the critically acclaimed racing franchise on BlackBerry 10. 

Honourable mentions: Alpha Zero ($2.99), Shine Runner ($0.99), EDGE Extended Gold ($2.99), Anomaly Korea ($3.99), Autumn Dynasty ($4.99), Asphalt 7: Heat ($1.99), Eufloria ($2.99)


  • Radiant Defense - A hilarious tower defense game with unique art style.
  • Beach Buggy Blitz - A gorgeous 3D racing game with lots of upgrades and customization.
  • Sector Strike - A fast-paced retro-style shooting game. Steer, shoot, and stay alive.
  • WordHero - Compete with others online to come up with as many words in a letter grid in a limited amount of time.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars - It wouldn't be a next-gen smartphone platform without Angry Birds, now would it?
  • Jetpack Joyride - The classic endless runner is back! Grab coins, taunt scientists, and pimp out your airborne ride.
  • Let's Golf 3 - Bust out that nine iron and play a round of golf with friends online. 
  • The Oregon Trail: American Settler - Build and run an old-timey settlement in this casual title.
  • Sudoku United - The classic number puzzle game with a smooth, modern layout.
  • Draw Mania - Guess what your friends are drawing, and have a go yourself. Optional premium upgrade for more brushes.

Honorable mentions: Run in Crowd, TridPewPew, Texas Hold 'Em King

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