Best Back to School apps for BlackBerry 10

It's that time of year again, summer is winding down and students prepare to head back to school. That also means it's time to take a look at apps to make your student life that bit easier. It's quite fitting for me this year as I am planning to return to university to finish off my degree. I'll certainly be making use of these apps during that time. Without further chit-chat, let's get through the list of apps.




We took a look at this app last year, almost a year ago actually. OfCourse! let's you organize your schedule, grades, attendance and more using just one app. You get started by setting your term dates and then go ahead a fill in your timetable for that term. The app syncs with the BlackBerry 10 calendar so you can see your agenda via the Hub. You can add any assignments you need to do with due date, this integrates with the Remember app and you can tick them off the list as you go. The great thing about OfCourse! is that it is also free, you can't beat that.

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Evernote is a great app for taking notes, more so because it syncs with any other device that has Evernote installed. So, take notes with your BlackBerry device in class, then you can continue working on it or look over it on your computer when you get home. You can also create notebooks, so you could separate each of your subject's notes. On BlackBerry 10, there is a standalone Evernote app or you can just have it integrate with the Remember app by signing into Evernote via Accounts.

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It's not easy being a student and trying to make ends meet. You're going to be living on a budget and to do that you'll be keeping an eye on those pennies you're spending. A great way to help you keep and eye on your expenses is MyAccountant. You can put your expenses into categories, add dates and can be really organized with all your expenses. It's an app that's been around for a while and comes highly recommended. It may seem overwhelming when your first use it but once get the hang of this, you won't look back.

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Sportrate Fitness Tracker/Workout

Sportrate Workout

Exercise is good for the brain. Going out for a run or doing any outdoor activity is always good and you can keep track of workouts and activities with fitness apps. For those who like distance sports like running, cycling or even walking you should check out Sportrate Fitness Tracker. You can track your speed, see your route on a map and even export your data if you wanted to. If you're one for other types or workouts like sit-ups, squats, push-ups, why not check out Sportrate's other sport app — Workout. You can setup exercise sessions, get reminders for daily sessions and more. During your workouts you can have the app count your reps. All this data gets added to a diary so you can track your progress.

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When you don't have your head buried in your books, no doubt you'll be out enjoying yourself when you can. I bet you'll be snapping some pictures when you're out and about too. Why not couple those pictures with the InstaVenue app. InstaVenue lets you add an overlay to your pictures, such as weather, location and end up with a postcard-type photo to share with friends and family. For those who take foodie pictures, there are some overlays for that too. So, for a bit of fun check out InstaVenue.

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Are you headed to school? Are you using these apps? Do you have any other apps to recommend? Sound off in the comments.