Now that we are halfway through fitness month it is time to focus our attention on diet and nutrition. On a normal day, I find myself grabbing some form of chocolate as a snack but as we all know it is better to include fruits and vegetables and those other healthy items that make up the other food groups.

In order to lose weight properly and maintain the right level of nutrients to energize our day and workouts it is important to stay on track. Using our BlackBerry devices, we can not only track our calories and understand food labels in the supermarket, but also find healthier alternatives for our recipes. So let us get started with building proper nutrition and diet habits with these applications.

Recipe Box by Loblaws Inc.

One common misconception is that healthy food tastes bland and lacks flavor or taste. At least that was the reason my family had for avoiding certain options. That is certainly not the case with this robust application filled with over 1,000 mouthwatering recipes for all types of meals and occasions. There are videos, photos, easy to follow preparation steps, and menus that quickly let you search and filter by keyword or category. What I find useful is that it gives you the total calorie count of each meal, the total time, and the skill level. There is an option to tag recipes as favorite and even adding the ingredients required to the shopping list. Another reason to enjoy this application, is the beautiful interface that is completely native for BlackBerry 10. Recipe Box is free to download but because of the size of the database should be downloaded via WiFi.

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Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

One for legacy owners, this all-in-one tracker is more than an easy to use calorie counter. It sports one of the largest food databases available to help you stick to your diet anywhere you go. Users can track their exercise, maintain a food journal, track calories and recipes, add goals based on your diet profile, track weight, and view charts on your progress for motivation. The application also syncs with the website so you can access your profile anywhere. While this is a legacy app, BlackBerry 10 users can sync with the mobile site or download the apk from Snap.

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Food Diary by Bellotti Alessandro

One of the ways in which I find myself tracking my diet is with a food diary. Being conscious of what you are eating is certainly a way to see how much and what you eat during your meals. That is not to say the application's function is limited to just entering your details. It also offers a water target, ability to track your activity, a pre-populated list to track caloric contents and nutritional information for common foods, section to create your own personal recipes, has a BMI calculator, and an option to backup/restore via Dropbox. This freemium app offers a four day trial and is $1.99 to purchase after that for BlackBerry 10.

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Calorie Monitor Pro by Adrian-Liviu Serbanescu

Calorie Monitor Pro allows you to control your caloric intake by tailoring a budget based on your age, height, weight, and activity. By building a profile it tracks your BMI, set a weight objective, calculates calories burned during exercise, and displays the estimated daily caloric expenditures based upon persons of similar age, height, and weight. It offers metric as well as US measurements, supports multiple users, comes with a handy backup/restore feature, and includes with a huge database to pull nutritional information from for various foods. There is also a reports section for tracking calorie consumption, weight, and average daily nutrients intake. Available for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook, you can grab it for $1.99

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KeepFit for BlackBerry 10 by Total Wireless Solutions

Another way to adhere to a healthy diet is by familiarizing oneself with nutritional facts and values. This database allows users to view basic information regarding nutritional, therapeutic, and dietary values for various foods, vitamins and minerals, juices, as well as offering information as to their usefulness. There is nothing wrong with carrying around your own pocket resource to look up foods while on the go especially if you also follow homeopathic remedies as well. KeepFit is available for BB10 devices for only $0.99.

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What's your favorite?

Now that you've seen my picks what is your favorite? Are there any applications you use to track your diet and eat healthier? Hit up the comments and be sure to take our poll below.

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