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We're a few weeks into 2024, which means it's time for Samsung to unveil its newest line of flagship phones, predictably titled the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. While Samsung has shared the full breakdown of the lineup, the thing that has us most excited is Galaxy AI, Samsung's entry into the AI market which they claim will "change how Galaxy mobile devices empower users".

Samsung has shared a ton of Galaxy AI features and use cases, but here are the few features that have us getting our wallets ready for January 31st.

Galaxy S24 Series Dl
Source: Samsung

Real-time translation on Galaxy S24

One of the most mind-blowing features of Galaxy AI is real-time translation. Not only will it be able to do two-way voice and text translation for phone calls, but it can also do split-screen text translation for in-person conversations. So gone are the days of carrying pocket dictionaries… or keeping Google Translate open. Now Samsung users can travel the globe with their own, personal interpreters in their pocket!

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Voice Recording Transcription on Galaxy S24

I constantly use voice recordings to make sure I don't forget something when it comes to mind, though I often forget that the recording exists. Now with Galaxy AI, Samsung users will be able to use the AI's speech-to-text functionality to get transcriptions of recordings, along with AI-generated summaries. So now I can record my wacky ideas and get them summarized to action later!

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Source: Samsung

Circle to Search with Google on Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8/8Pro

While the name is a mouthful, Samsung has partnered with Google to offer a truly unique search offering. With Galaxy AI, users can just hold their home button, then circle, tap, write, or highlight directly on their screen and current app. Then Circle to Search and Galaxy AI gets to work by bringing up relevant search results to your query that have been summarized. A great example is if you see a fun fact and want to learn more. Circle to Search maximizes the information you get while minimizing the time spent searching. This feature will also be coming to premium Android phones in 2024 including the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

Galaxy S24 Series Dl
Source: Samsung

ProVisual Engine = Amazing photos

Photography capabilities have always been Samsung's strong suit, but they are kicking things up a notch with ProVisual Engine, which is a series of features that leverage Galaxy AI to make photos and videos as flawless as possible. Personally, my favorite feature is the AI-enhanced stabilization for videos, as I give Cloverfield a run for its money in the Shakycam department.

By far the coolest and potentially most controversial feature is Generative Edit, which adds the ability to leverage generative AI to edit images on your device. While there are many conflicting opinions on generative AI, Samsung has made it so any content that uses the Generative Edit feature will have both a watermark in the photo and in the metadata, so users can easily tell when images have been AI edited or completely man-made.

Galaxy S24 Series Dl
Source: Samsung

Nitography + Galaxy AI

One of the most gimmicky features of my S23 Ultra is the 100x zoom; it's not something that I use daily, or even weekly. But the few moments I have, it's been great. Zooming in at events, trying to read far-away text when I'm lazy and don't want to move, or the most common reason, taking photos of the moon. With the AI-enhanced Nitography (along with other ProVisual Engine features), I'm beyond excited to see the levels of detail people can capture at night and with the 100x zoom, I wonder if the moon will be clearer on an S24 Ultra than a 5ft Dobsonian telescope?

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Samsung Galaxy S24

The new Samsung flagship lineup doesn't change up their premium hardware significantly, but their software gets a big boost through AI.

While there are a lot more features that will leverage Galaxy AI, these are the few that we can't wait to play with ourselves. Let us know what Galaxy AI features you're looking forward to in the comments section! And if you're looking for more futuristic and fun tech, check out our round-up of cool stuff from CES 2024!

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