Best accessories for Kindle Scribe CrackBerry 2024

The Kindle Scribe is Amazon's champion in the e-ink tablet category, and it's a banger of a device. Excellent screen, decent note taking capabilities, and your entire Kindle library at your fingertips. Not to mention its fantastic battery life.

Looking to enjoy your e-reader/writer even more? Get the most out of your Kindle Scribe with these accessories.

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Staff Pick Kindle Scribe Premium Pen

Get write: Kindle Scribe Premium Pen

The Kindle Scribe is meant to be written on, and while the Basic Pen provides a solid experience, the Premium Pen amps up the convenience, making it perfect for being more productive. The difference here is the dedicated eraser (just flip it over and erase like a real pencil) and the shortcut button, which you can assign to several functions, including switching between the available pen brushes. If you're serious about your Scribe, the Premium Pen is the way to go. It even comes with five replacement tips!

$60 at Amazon
Amazon Leather Folio Kindle Scribe

Might as well go with Amazon: Kindle Scribe Leather Folio Cover

Amazon's own Kindle Folio Cover is one of the best cases available for your Kindle Scribe, even if it is a little expensive. The real leather folio comes in black or a very snazzy burgundy color, and it features a pen slot on the side. Your Kindle Scribe snaps to the folio magnetically, making it easy to take off if you feel like going commando. The folio also folds nicely into two configurations for hands-free reading or easel-like writing.

$80 at Amazon
Moko Tablet Sleeve

Glove up!: MoKo tablet sleeve

MoKo's zip-up tablet sleeve is perfect for traveling with your Kindle Scribe. Take it along as is or use it as extra protection inside a backpack or other bag. It's not at all bulky, has a pen slot inside, and it's got an outer pocket for your other devices or accessories. Grab it in black, indigo, or pink.

$26 at Amazon
Cobak Kindle Scribe Case

Budget case option: CoBak PU leather case

If the price of the Amazon folio is a bit steep, check out CoBak's many-colored offerings for only $30. These faux-leather cases have a back shell to protect your Scribe and a colored cover (10 options to choose from!), as well as a pen slot and even a little container for your replacement pen nibs. Black is available for only $21, but if you want a splash of color, you'll pay an extra $9.

$21-$30 at Amazon
Bozhourui Kindle Scribe Case

Crystal: Bozhuorui clear case

If you're looking for some simple protection for your Kindle Scribe, then check out this clear shell cover, which is made from flexible, shock-absorbent TPU (rubberized plastic) and features a handy pen slot. The TPU provides some extra grip on your Scribe, and the corners are reinforced to help prevent screen cracking in case you drop it.

$14 at Amazon
No Wore Out Titanium Pen Tips Kindle Scribe

Keep on writing: Titanium pen tip replacements

The Kindle Scribe Pens' tips wear down with use, so if you'd prefer some pen tips with more longevity, these titanium nibs are the answer. Still providing that real pen-on-paper feel, these fine pen tips are made specifically for Kindle Pens, and you can still write like you would with the original tips—control your line weight as you like, shade from the side, etc. A two-pack is only $16.

$16 at Amazon

Get more from your Scribe

As is, the Kindle Scribe is a fantastic e-ink tablet and e-reader, especially if you're already immersed in the Amazon/Kindle ecosystem. These accessories will help you enjoy it just that much more, especially the Premium Pen, which adds that extra convenience that makes writing and taking notes so much easier.

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